Sales teams are crying out for more leads and better lead sources. The cost of hiring, paying commission and high turnover staff makes sales people an expensive resource. Our lead generation strategy focuses on delivering warm marketing qualified leads to your sales team.


Engage potential customers through quality content

According to Forrester, 59% of buyers prefer to do research online instead of interacting with a sales person. It is therefore vital that your website is found and offers valuable information to the visitor. Forex businesses focus their time and effort producing market updates, however very few potential customers are interested in this information when looking for a new provider. We help businesses produce relevant and targeted content to their audience to attract potential customers through our content marketing strategy.

Help your sales team hit their target

How much time do your sales team spend finding fresh sources of leads and calling potential customers who have no interest in speaking with them? By appealing to buyers at different stages of the buying process we can qualify leads based on their readiness to change. We can then supply your sales team with qualified leads who have already shown interest in changing providers. Your sales team will spend less time making cold calls and more time calling businesses who are more likely to use your service giving them a better chance of achieving their targets.

Align you sales and marketing efforts

Our focus is on aligning your sales and marketing efforts so you have a cohesive strategy where marketing are delivering qualified leads and sales are closing them. We ensure all leads are tracked so revenue can be attributed to the correct source. This will help your marketing team demonstrate an ROI on their activity and improve the feedback mechanism between sales and marketing.