The corporate foreign exchange industry is extremely competitive with hundreds of providers competing for new business. Foreign Exchange businesses are heavily reliant on large teams of new business salespeople cold calling potential customers. We've got 10 years sales and marketing experience in the Forex industry and can help you get the competitive edge through our bespoke digital marketing strategy.


Warm forex marketing leads delivered to your sales team

Sales teams in the Forex industry are crying out for more FX leads and better FX lead sources. The cost of hiring, salaries, commission and high turnover staff makes sales people an expensive resource.

Our lead generation strategy focuses on delivering warm marketing qualified FX leads to your sales team.

We use inbound marketing to deliver high quality content to potential customers, generating interest and engagement so your sales team are making warmer calls and maximising their chances of success.

We can help you every step of the way including planning, content creation, landing page optimisation and comprehensive reporting to demonstrate ROI.


case study

Cambridge Global Payments increases UK website traffic by 44% year on year


Benefits of inbound marketing

/ Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers

/ Generate 3 x more FX leads from your marketing efforts

/ Demonstrate a strong return-on-investment on your marketing activity

/ Access potential customers who "don't take cold calls"

/ Increase brand awareness and visibility online


Why Curious Cat Digital

We have worked in the Forex industry for 10 years so truly understand your business. Our knowledge enables us to take an active role in developing quality content for your business. We can manage all aspects of your inbound marketing strategy leaving you to focus on delivering revenue. Our expertise in all digital marketing channels enables us to take a holistic view of your marketing activity

Some of our clients


Areas of Forex Marketing we cover

PPC for Forex

Generate more revenue with less spend from your pay-per-click advertising

SEO for Forex

Improve you visibility to potential customers on major search engines

Social Media for Forex

Grow your audience and build relationships online through social media channels

Inbound Marketing for Forex

Generate warm qualified FX leads for your sales team to close

Content Marketing for Forex

Create quality content that grows your audience

Email Marketing for Forex

Nurture potential customers through timely and valuable email content

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