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Students and parents are increasingly researching and making decisions about higher education providers online, searching for Universities, following relevant social media profiles, looking for reviews and recommendations. 

Having a bespoke digital marketing strategy to better understand and attract potential students is what can give HE providers the edge over those that are slower to adopt.


Digital marketing for higher education


The routes to finding new students in HE is changing. The high cost of more traditional marketing methods and the ongoing migration towards digital  presents an opportunity for a more cost-effective and future-proofed solution. 

Our digital marketing approach for higher education providers uses a combination of inbound marketingcontent marketingPPCSEO and social media to generate awareness and interest, increase engagement and ultimately increase new student applications. 

We can help with strategy & planning, content creation, landing page optimisation, campaign management and comprehensive reporting to demonstrate return-on-investment.


Benefits of digital marketing in HE

/ Demonstrate return-on-investment 

/ Engage your target prospects where they spend time

/ Strengthen and support your brand

/ Reduce cost-per-application 


Why Curious Cat Digital

Our founders have specialised in digital marketing and B2B sales for over a decade so we really understand what it takes to devise and develop a successful digital marketing strategy both for B2C and B2B clients.

Our extensive knowledge enables us to take an active role in developing both digital marketing strategies and campaigns on behalf of our clients and continually optimise activity to deliver the best possible revenue and return on investment. Our commitment to results ensures clients are always in the loop with how things are performing.

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Some of our clients

We're proud of our diverse client portfolio, from global brands to smaller businesses with big ambitions.


Our approach to Higher Education digital marketing


Clear strategy

Setting a joined-up and long-term strategy is something many HE providers fail to do. We believe this is the foundation for success but we also understand it can be tricky to bring everything together into a clear plan, so we start by helping put a focused strategy in place if there isn't one currently.

Paid search & SEO

Harness PPC, paid social and SEO to increase visibility with potential students and parents actively searching for your courses and information online. These channels are likely to be instrumental in driving increases in website traffic and enquiries. 

Data & reporting

Demonstrating ROI is at the core of what we do for our clients. Our goal is to show not only an increase in enquiries but to be able to track right through to a new student application, understanding the activities that have been instrumental in the buying journey. Our aim is to bring all core digital metrics and KPIs into one regular reporting mechanism.

Persona development

Get to the heart of what matters to future students and their parents. By understanding who you want to attract and where they spend their time we can tailor and target strategy and campaigns to ensure you attract the right kind of prospects.

Inbound & content marketing

The proliferation of self-promotional material from higher education providers means most potential students have tuned out from traditional "push" advertising methods. Developing content that aims to answer potential student questions and help them through the University selection process is more likely to develop trust and credibility.

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