Sales people are crying out for more leads and better lead sources. The Curious Cat Digital inbound marketing strategy will deliver qualified sales leads to your sales team.

As an inbound marketing agency we offer a lead generation strategy that focuses on delivering warm marketing qualified leads to improve the efficiency and performance of your sales team.


What is Inbound Marketing?

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Inbound marketing is the use of educational, valuable and entertaining content to position your brand as the expert in your field. Using this content you will attract your target audience and increase their likelihood to buy your product or service.


What are the advantages of Inbound Marketing?

Due to the proliferation of promotional sales content across all channels businesses have found it difficult to stand out from the crowd and buyers have become blind to this type of messaging. We've briefly outlined some of the key benefits of inbound marketing:

  • Improve search engine rankings

Due to the rise of voice search and the increasing intelligence behind search engine algorithms, valuable content will be prioritised in results.

  • Capture leads earlier in the buying process

Buyers now are much further through the buying process before they proactively interact with a sales person. If your content is used by buyers in the research phase they are more likely to consider you when they are ready to buy.

  • Gain a competitive advantage

Whilst inbound marketing has been around for a number of years businesses are still not maximising it's potential. Its likely very few of your competitors are doing this well so it's a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

  • Reduce advertising spend

Inbound marketing is less costly and more effective than outbound marketing. By optimising your content for search you should be able to rank organically for the terms you are currently paying for.


Why Use Inbound Marketing?

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Engage potential customers through quality content

According to Forrester, 59% of buyers prefer to do research online instead of interacting with a sales person. It is therefore vital that your website is found and offers valuable information to the visitor.

Many businesses focus their time and effort producing promotional material, however very few buyers are interested in this information when looking for a new supplier. We help businesses produce relevant and targeted content to their audience to attract potential customers through our content marketing strategy.


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Help your sales team hit their target

How much time do your sales team spend finding fresh sources of leads and calling leads who have no interest in speaking with them? By appealing to buyers at different stages of the buying process we can qualify leads based on their readiness to change.

We can then supply your sales team with qualified leads who have already shown interest in changing providers. Your sales team will spend less time making cold calls and more time calling prospects who are more likely to use your service, giving them a better chance of achieving their targets.


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Align your sales and marketing efforts

Our focus is on aligning your sales and marketing efforts so you have a cohesive strategy. Marketing are responsible delivering qualified leads and sales are responsible closing them.

We ensure all leads are tracked so revenue can be attributed to the correct source. This will help your marketing team demonstrate an ROI on their activity and improve the feedback mechanism between sales and marketing.


What are the biggest benefits of inbound marketing?


Attract potential customers

Attract potential customers that your other sales and marketing efforts may have failed to reach and build credibility from your first engagement.


Lead conversion

Convert a higher percentage of website traffic into leads for your sales pipeline at a lower cost-per-lead (compared with outbound sales).


Increase brand engagement

Increase brand awareness as well as brand engagement. Ensure potential customers know who you are and what you do even before your first conversation.


Grow revenue and increase ROI

The targeted nature of inbound marketing limits unnecessary spending and generates more qualified leads.


Nurture with email marketing

Establish automated email nurturing to establish and maintain contact with leads and nurture them through the buyer journey.


Improve search engine rankings

Incorporate an SEO strategy into your content marketing to ensure your articles rank and get found by your target customers.

How does inbound marketing work?


Inbound marketing attracts the right kind of potential customers to your brand and begins with detailed persona identification.

Your ideal personas are then targeted through content marketing, social media, SEO and advertising.

The flywheel takes the sales funnel to the next step. Rather than stopping at the point a lead becomes a customer, the flywheel focuses more on delighting those that become customers so that they become promoters of your business.

So the approach goes beyond turning leads into customers and links back to attracting the right kind of customers in the first instance.


Free inbound marketing consultation

If you're interested in understanding more about how inbound marketing can benefit your business, book a free 30 minute consultation.


Inbound Marketing Process

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Drive more website traffic

The first step is to ensure we increase traffic to your website.

Keyword research and social listening informs us of relevant search terms and themes for content generation.

We use this to optimise your website and create amazing content that is educational, valuable and entertaining to attract your target audience.

Once your website is optimised and you've got some great content, we use PPC and paid social to increase brand awareness, build credibility and drive additional traffic.

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Convert visitors into leads

Getting more traffic to your website is great but the next step is making sure you convert visitors into leads.  To do this we build, test and optimise landing pages to engage website visitors.

Through publishing and gating premium content we capture prospects details through shared content and on the website.

Once we have captured leads it's important to nurture them through the purchase funnel using targeted content until they are ready to buy, at which point we hand over to your sales team.

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Report on ROI

As an ROI focused inbound marketing agency it's vital we feedback on the performance of the inbound marketing campaign.

Regular reporting enables us to continuously improve lead generation performance.

We use a number of analytics tools to track traffic, visitor behaviour and trends over time and by territory.

Then through tracking conversion of leads to customers we can accurately report on Return-on-Investment.

Grow your business with a HubSpot certified partner agency


HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, nurture and convert leads and close customers.

Curious Cat Digital is proud to be a HubSpot certified partner agency.

Some of our clients

We're proud of our diverse client portfolio, from global brands to smaller businesses with big ambitions.


Our work

CAMBRIDGE GLOBAL PAYMENTS   Generating B2B inbound leads through content marketing, PPC and paid social


Generating B2B inbound leads through content marketing, PPC and paid social

HP   An international SEO project plus analytics and bespoke reporting across Europe and EMEA for HP's security content


An international SEO project plus analytics and bespoke reporting across Europe and EMEA for HP's security content

HARRIS & ROSS   Increasing website leads by 400% and reducing cost-per-acquisition by 94% through PPC activity


Increasing website leads by 400% and reducing cost-per-acquisition by 94% through PPC activity

Curious Cat have contributed significantly to the overall success of our SEO and content strategy by delivering great quality blogs which are both relevant and educational.
— Wioleta Banach, UK Marketing Manager, Cambridge Global Payments

Why Curious Cat Digital?





With a commercial focus, we adopt our clients' objectives as our own and help set ambitious, yet achievable goals which we often exceed.

We want you to succeed so we’ll always be in touch if there’s something we think you should be doing to get a competitive edge. 

Our dynamic team are experts and because we're a virtual business our solutions are cost-effective. We add value as well as results.

Our flexible and bespoke approach means we can work successfully with businesses of all sizes and scale activity up or down as needed.

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