No black hats. No smoke and mirrors. Just honest, up-to-date SEO techniques that deliver genuine results. 

We are Curious Cat Digital, a UK based digital marketing and SEO agency. We're 'pure play' digital marketing specialists. Our highly experienced team has been in digital since day one and that's demonstrated in our commercially focused approach to SEO, combined with hands-on management and reporting, all underpinned by our industry leading SEO strategy. This is why our clients trust us and continue to work with us.

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Our SEO approach

In 12 years we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge, experience and a tool-kit for helping clients meet their objectives. You'll have access to this regardless of the size or duration of your campaign.

Success in search marketing means evolving. We’ll make sure your SEO never stands still. Continuous improvement ensures we keep building on results.

Search engine optimisation can seem like a dark art, we’ll work with you on practical and realistic solutions that result in more traffic and revenue.

With many different factors contributing to organic search ranking (we totted up 30 or so) we’ll help you quickly establish what is and isn’t working and why and then we’ll work on a strategy of genuine improvement. 

SEO report

Free SEO Review

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SEO Agency Services

  • SEO audits
  • SEO planning for new site builds
  • Meta data re-writes
  • Content creation and/or optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • Link building
  • Blogger outreach



An SEO strategy that's bespoke and based on our clients' needs

We'll develop a specific plan to improve your SEO based on our understanding of your overall business strategy with a focus on delivering more traffic to your website from people actively looking to buy the products or services that you offer.

We have proven and reliable tactics for growing businesses through making sure their website is optimised for SEO. 

International SEO

If you're a global business you need to think about SEO across all of your territories, we can provide an international SEO service including local translations through native speakers. This ensures we deliver a high-degree of relevancy. We can also provide guidelines for each region to ensure all of your country representatives are consistent in their approach.

New website SEO

SEO should be at the forefront of any new website project. However it is all to often overlooked in the planning and design stages. Whilst it's not as fun or creative as building a new website it's absolutely crucial. If SEO isn't covered off at the planning stages and correctly implemented there's every chance your flash new website won't be found by potential customers.

Content Marketing

We firmly believe that when it comes to a high performing SEO strategy 'content is king'. We help businesses develop a content marketing strategy and our experienced team of copywriters will produce valuable, educational and entertaining content which search engines love. 

Local SEO

Have you thought about targeted local customers? We can increase the your visibility on local searches. Our holistic strategic approach to SEO ensures we understand where the biggest areas of opportunity are. We'll then help you implement a search engine-friendly local SEO strategy which will deliver amazing results.

SEO Results

Following a site re-launch, one of our clients now enjoys top search engine placements for all product, category and branded terms beating all their competitors and stockists (many of whom are household names) to the top spot, on 1000's of branded keywords and 100's of generic keywords. 

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“Curious Cat Digital delivered an insightful and easy to understand SEO review for our site. The changes that were made off the back of the audit have already resulted in a 33% uplift in our organic traffic and an improvement in rankings.
— Richard Oswin, Clegg Associates

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