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The wealth management industry is fiercely competitive and innovation is key to ensure firms are future-proofed. Wealth management firms have historically relied on expensive direct mail campaigns to generate new leads, but with continually decreasing returns, many are turning to digital marketing to generate sales and provide communication channels with their client and prospect base. 

Wealth management clients are increasingly comfortable beginning their investment journeys online, searching for firms, following relevant social media profiles, looking for reviews and recommendations. 

Having a bespoke digital marketing strategy to attract potential clients is what can give wealth management companies the edge over the bigger, more conservative firms.


Warm wealth management leads delivered to your TEAM


The routes to finding new investors in wealth management is changing. The high cost of direct mail marketing and the ongoing migration towards digital  presents a lower cost and more impactful solution. 

Our digital marketing strategy for wealth management clients uses a combination of inbound marketing, content marketingPPCSEO and social media to generate awareness and interest, increase engagement and build client trust so your team can make warmer calls to prospects, maximising their chances of success.

We can help you every step of the way with strategy & planning, content creation, landing page optimisation, campaign management and comprehensive reporting to demonstrate return-on-investment.


Benefits of digital marketing

/ Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers (forget expensive DM campaigns!)

/ Attract younger investors who can become long term clients

/ Generate inbound enquiries for your wealth managers to nurture into clients

/ Access potential customers who "don't take cold calls"

/ Increase brand awareness and visibility online


Why Curious Cat Digital

Our founders have specialised in digital marketing and B2B sales for over a decade so we really understand what it takes to devise and develop a successful digital marketing strategy both for B2C and B2B clients.

Our extensive knowledge enables us to take an active role in developing both digital marketing strategies and campaigns on behalf of our clients and continually optimise activity to deliver the best possible revenue and return on investment.

We manage all aspects of strategy and campaign management leaving our clients to focus on delivering the best possible service or products to their customers, with the knowledge that their digital marketing is delivering new customers and growing their business.

Our expertise in all digital marketing channels enables us to take a holistic view of our clients' marketing activity and our commitment to results ensures they are always in the loop with how things are performing.

Some of our clients


Areas of Wealth Management Marketing we cover


Wealth Management PPC

Generate more revenue with less spend with a pay-per-click advertising campaign targeted towards potential new clients. 


Wealth Management SEO

Improve your visibility in organic search rankings to attract more traffic to your site from potential customers.


Wealth Management SOCIAL MEDIA

Grow your audience and build relationships online with prospects and clients using social media channels.



Inbound marketing attracts your ideal customer through targeted and engaging content. Become a leading authority online.


Wealth Management EMAIL MARKETING

Nurture potential customers through timely and valuable email content and keep your clients and prospects informed and engaged.



Create quality content that improves your SEO, generates new leads and grows your audience.


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