We’re Curious Cat Digital, a digital marketing agency with an ambition to become the UK’s most respected digital marketing agency by delighting our clients with incredible results, exceptional service and unrivalled expertise.

Who are Curious Cat Digital?

We are digital marketing and sales specialists with a strong track record in delivering results within FinTech, Financial Services, eCommerce, Technology, and Retail.

We have a wealth of experience working across 360 digital marketing campaigns, including inbound marketing, search marketing (SEM), influencer outreach, and lead generation working in and for businesses like yours.

We believe our experience allows us to truly align our strategy with your business objectives and understand your challenges and what you expect from the service providers you work with. 

We pride ourselves on being proactive, accountable and passionate about helping you meet your goals and targets, whilst applying a strategic and consultative approach to every project and campaign. 
















We love getting to know our clients, their growth goals and ambitions. We conduct a series of discovery sessions that enable us to build a marketing strategy that is channel agnostic and aligns with your business objectives.


We carry out an extensive audit of your current marketing activity. This enables us to understand strengths weaknesses and opportunities for growth. It also establishes benchmarks for future performance.


We’ll create a plan that aligns marketing strategy with business objectives. The plan keeps all stakeholders informed and ensures campaigns run on budget and on time. Milestones and KPIs are incorporated to align stakeholder expectations and set a clear vision for success.


The most exciting part of our client journey is campaign launch. We typically launch cautiously with a test and learn phase. Once we have designed the blue print with a strong ROI we scale up fast.


Measurement and reporting are fundamental to monitoring campaign success and refining future strategy. We use a range of analytics tools and always look for the meaning behind the data so you understand the business impact of the marketing activity we are running.


No marketing campaign is ever perfect and there’s always room for improvement. We are constantly analysing results and data in order that we optimise campaigns. We know small tweaks in strategy can result in big improvement in Return-On-Investment


We have a South central position, only an hour from London by train and 45 minutes from Bristol and Reading.

Curious Cat Digital are based just off the M4 in the stunning county of Wiltshire within the picturesque town of Marlborough. 

We work with clients across the whole of the South of the UK as well as internationally.


The Directors


With 15 years experience in digital marketing, Curious Cat Digital founder Claire Bending has worked for and with some of the biggest and most exciting brands in the UK including Ministry of Sound, Sky, Betfair and Cotswold Outdoor. Claire's industry experience spans fashion, music, books & entertainment, sport, telecoms, property and B2B.

Paul Whittingham.gif

Paul is an experienced sales and marketing consultant within Fintech and co-owner of digital marketing agency Curious Cat Digital.  He has spent the last 10 years working with global Fintech businesses helping them increase revenue through sales and marketing alignment and highly effective marketing strategies.

why we’re different

If you’re a client of ours, we’ll always put you first. After all without you we wouldn’t have a business.

Results, Results… Results

We truly believe in getting incredible results for our clients. Call it ROI if you like but ultimately you want to get more customers, more sales and more profit from working with us. But don’t take our word for it, see what out clients have to say about us in our testimonials.

Curious by name, Curious by nature

We just can’t help being Curious Cats. We just love going to see our clients, their offices are way more interesting than ours and we learn so much more that way. In addition, we don’t have a posh office, as we don’t think that’s a good use of our clients’ money. We’d rather invest it in our amazing experienced team and helping them become even better… if that’s possible!

Work Life Balance

One thing we’ve learnt in our many years as employees is that remote working…well… works. The future is not being tied to a desk in an office, the future is giving people the choice to work when they are most productive. Work is not life but something that can give you the freedom to enjoy it. One thing you’ll notice about our team of experts is that they are super happy and guess what… No office politics.

Experience First

Having worked on the “other side of the bar” we know where other agencies go wrong. We don’t service our clients with low level account managers, we only hire experts with 5+ years experience in digital marketing. You’ll always speak with an expert and always get a consistent level of service irrespective of how much you spend with us.

We’ll call you

Do you get frustrated that you never hear from your agency? Do you have to phone and email several times to get a response? Having been in your shoes we know how frustrating this can be. We want you to succeed so we’ll always be in touch if there’s something we think you should be doing to get a competitive edge. Digital Marketing moves fast so you need to work with a proactive agency to stay ahead of the game. 

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