What is content marketing?

Content marketing is big.... but you'll be pleased to hear not that scary. It's a great way to engage potential customers without directly selling to them. Through blogs, social media posts and video's you can gain credibility, demonstrate thought leadership and win the hearts and minds of your customers.

Our content marketing service

Our content marketing experts and team of copywriters help businesses create brilliant content tailored to your audience. We then go a step further and measure how engaged the audience is and feed that back to you. After all, why would you invest money in something if you don't know whether it's going to get you results. Our incredible experience in digital marketing has helped us create a robust content marketing strategy that works... we've even got the grey hairs to show for it.

Here's our simple 3 step content strategy;

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1. Create engaging content

Our wonderfully creative and devastatingly engaging copy writing experts create content in line with your business objectives that is both unique and interesting.

2. Optimise for the right audience

We can't help being curious and we'll enjoy taking time to understand your audience and what they are searching for. We then make sure your content is optimised and shared in the right places so it is found by your potential customers just at that moment they are ready to buy.

3. Measure audience engagement

Unless you measure the performance of your content you'll never know whether it's working. Through our secret formula we'll score your content and provide feedback so it can be even better the next time!

Content calendar management

Once we have conducted our workshops and collectively decided on the most appropriate content for your target audience, we create and manage your content calendar. This is a collaborative calendar that ensures all parties have prior knowledge of upcoming content. Along with managing content throughout the creative process this is also used to manage and align social media efforts.

Persona identification

Understanding your ideal customer is fundamental to the success of any content marketing strategy. We run workshops with your team and conduct interviews with customers and prospects to discover what motivates them, the types of content that they engage with and content sources they trust. From this we are able to map out a detailed customer persona for your business ensuring the content we create is highly targeted.

Blog and social media management

We help you business reach a wider audience through social media promotion. Whilst posting content on your blog has huge benefits, we use popular social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to amplify your content so it reaches large audiences and gives you more chance of attracting potential customers to your website.

Content SEO

What is the point in creating great content if it never gets found? Through the content creation process we apply best practice SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques to ensure your target audience find your content through the major search engines. Through our content marketing service not only will you engage your target audience but your website will also rank higher on search engines.

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