Digital Marketing for Financial Services

We understand that the financial services industry is a fiercely competitive and complex market. We believe innovation and a clear digital strategy is key to ensuring firms are future-proofed and can gain market share.

Potential clients in the financial services space are increasingly researching, consuming content and making buying decisions online. It's important to not only be where your customers are, but to have a crystal clear understanding of your target audience. Ready to talk?


The financial services industry has historically relied on expensive direct mail campaigns to generate new business, but with continually decreasing results, many are putting more budget into digital marketing to generate sales and provide communication channels with their client and prospect base. 

We'll help you define a clear online proposition and plan to ensure your brand cuts through the noise to reach and engage your target clients, with a fresh and innovative approach. 

Having a bespoke, creative and unfussy digital marketing strategy to attract potential clients can give FSI companies the edge over the bigger, more conservative firms.

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Warm financial services leads delivered to your sales team


Having a presence online isn't just about social media (though we do think that's important). A cohesive digital strategy will deliver the best possible results, ensuring you have a presence throughout the customer buying journey.

Our digital marketing strategy for financial services clients uses a combination of inbound marketing, content marketingPPCSEO and social media to generate awareness, increase engagement and build client trust so your team can make warmer calls to prospects, maximising their chances of success.

We can help you every step of the way with strategy & planning, content creation, landing page optimisation, campaign management and comprehensive reporting to demonstrate return-on-investment.


Benefits of digital marketing

/ Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers and have clearer view of results and ROI

/ Visibility where potential customers are spending their time

/ Generate inbound enquiries for your sales team to nurture into clients

/ Access potential customers who "don't take cold calls"

/ Increase brand awareness and visibility online


Why Curious Cat Digital

Our founders have specialised in digital marketing and B2B sales for over a decade so we really understand what it takes to devise and develop a successful digital marketing strategy both for B2B and B2C clients.

We have experience working with financial services clients and understand the potential compliance pitfalls, plus our copywriters have FSI sector experience which we believe is key to developing the best-quality content. 

Our bespoke digital marketing strategies and campaigns, combined with our proactive results-driven approach deliver the best possible revenue and return on investment for our clients. 

We can manage all aspects of strategy and campaign management leaving our clients to focus on delivering the best possible service or products to their customers, with the knowledge that their digital marketing is delivering new customers and growing their business. Alternatively, we can form part of your existing digital team, working alongside client teams and other agencies on larger projects.

Our expertise in all digital marketing channels enables us to take a holistic view of our clients' marketing activity and our commitment to results ensures they are always kept in the loop with how things are performing.

Some of our clients

We're proud of our diverse client portfolio, from global brands to smaller businesses with big ambitions.


Our Digital Marketing offering for Financial Services Clients:


Paid Search (PPC)

Although competitive and potentially expensive, a highly targeted PPC campaign that supports the rest of your digital strategy can boost revenue from online by 20-30%.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improving your visibility in organic search results through website optimisation and content development increases traffic from potential customers. 

Social media

80% of the population use social media. Select the right platform(s) to build your audience, develop an engaging content plan and make sure you have a presence where your target audience spend time.

Content marketing

Creating quality content improves SEO rankings, increases time-on-site and decreases bounce rates. The key to success is in the research and planning, not just well-written articles. 

Inbound marketing

Utilising several digital marketing channels together, we can deliver a regular stream of inbound enquiries from high quality prospects. 

Email marketing

Nurture potential customers using timely emails containing valuable content, plus keep your existing customers and prospects informed and engaged.


Our work

CAMBRIDGE GLOBAL PAYMENTS   Generating B2B inbound leads through content marketing, PPC and paid social


Generating B2B inbound leads through content marketing, PPC and paid social

HP   An international SEO project plus analytics and bespoke reporting across Europe and EMEA for HP's security content


An international SEO project plus analytics and bespoke reporting across Europe and EMEA for HP's security content

SAVILLS   Fresh set of marketing emails globally and supporting the move to a new email platform


Fresh set of marketing emails globally and supporting the move to a new email platform

Financial services digital marketing challenges


Standing out against the competition

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With the emergence of challenger financial services brands one of the biggest challenges our clients face is getting noticed.

According to a study by Econsultancy and Adobe 71% of financial services business are looking to increase their digital marketing spend in 2019. We see many financial services businesses taking the wrong approach and throwing money at the problem hoping they can outbid the competition. This is a dangerous strategy, with the focus on the competition rather than the customer.

The first place to start is your ideal customer profile or ‘buyer persona’. Start with a workshop involving internal stakeholders with the goal of building a documented buyer persona. Think beyond demographics and be curious about your ideal customer’s challenges, motivations and goals. Enrich the workshop findings with customer interviews and CRM data.

Once you have created your buyer persona, you are now in a position to build campaigns that are completely focused on solving customers challenges, inspiring and helping them achieve their goals. Whilst your competitors continue to self promote and compete on price you will be using messaging that cuts through the noise and resonates with your target audience.

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Increasing inbound enquiries

Sales people are an expensive resource so you need to be smart about how they are spending their time. Whilst cold calling has it’s place, prospecting is time consuming and can impact the motivation of your businesses front line.

With 12% of financial services firms viewing marketing automation as one of the most exciting opportunities for 2018, MarTech has made it much easier now for marketing to be a big part of the sales process. The most effective financial services brands will be those that can effectively align their sales and marketing teams to reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

Start with your buyer persona. Understand what they are searching for online, the challenges they are trying to solve and the questions they are asking. Build high quality, authoritative content that will resonate.

If you can offer potential customers a library of downloadable content to help them on their buyer journey you will become their trusted advisor. In addition, they will be happy to offer some basic contact details in return.

As you grow your contact database, marketing and sales can work together to collaboratively nurture leads. The marketing team can nurture leads until they are ready to buy whilst the sales team will be spending their time speaking to prospects with higher intent.

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Building relationships with your customers

Trust is a critical element for any potential customer when considering which financial services brand they are going to work with. You can achieve this through creating relationships online with your customers and prospects.

Just having a few social media profiles is not enough. Take an omni-channel approach to online relationship building to ensure you are connecting with customers on a number of different levels.

Alongside social media consider live chat, social media and a personalised email nurture programme. This will not only ensure your existing customers are well served but you can also nurture potential customers until they are ready to commit.

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